Covid Protocols

At White Smiles we are taking every precaution necessary to protect our patients from COVID-19.  We have set our standards higher than the required CDC guidelines.  Your dental health is important and we don't want you to miss out.  Here is a list of what you can expect to see in action at your dental appointment

  • Check in Process (Lobby is closed)

    1. Upon arrival call or text (850)912-9808 to check in

    2. Wait in your car until we call/text you back when your room is sterilized and ready.  

    3. At the door your temperature is taken and a COVID questionnaire is asked.  (see questionnaire here)

    4. Only the patient is allowed back

  • What changes should you expect during your dental procedure

    1.   Our staff will be wearing additional protective equipment such as

      • N-95 masks that filters air in and out.

      • a second fabric mask (that is changed between patients)

      • a plastic face shield during dental procedures (also changed per patient)

      • a cleaned smock or white coat (changed between patients)

    2. During your cleaning or dental procedure we are now using something called Dry Shield, which is a special piece of equipment that incorporates high volume intraoral suction to eliminate any aerosols as a result of the dental procedure (click here to see Dry Shield)

  • Testing requirements of our staff

    1. All employees temperature is taken daily

    2. Blood Tests​ performed routinely

    3. if someone comes in contact with a COVID-19 confirmed positive case they are tested and will stay home until results are returned negative

    4. if one of our employees tests positive for COVID-19 then the entire office staff will be tested and will not return until a negative result is returned.