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Crowns & Caps

Teeth Crowns
Tooth Crown Procedure

What Is A Crown?

  1. A crown is how Dr White ​can fix a tooth that is either broken or has a large portion missing due to decay.

  2. A crown covers the tooth completely, protecting it from breaking.

  3. Crowns can be made from many different materials, and Dr White will discuss the most appropriate material for your specific case.

  4. ​What should I expect when getting a crown?

  5. First and foremost, you will not experience any pain​.  With modern anesthetics patients should not experience any discomfort.

  6. A color is selected so the crown will match your existing teeth.

  7. Once numb, Dr White will "prepare" the tooth by taking away about 1mm of tooth structure all around.

  8. An impression is taken of the modified tooth and sent to the lab for fabrication.

  9. A temporary is made out of tooth colored material and the patient is scheduled for 2 weeks later for the permanent cementation of the crown. 

  10. What happens after I get a crown or bridge

  11. It is common to have some soreness in the area of the injection.​

  12. Some patients experience cold sensitivity for a few days to 1 week after.  If sensitivity persists please let us know so we can get you back in for Dr White to assess the problem.

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