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What is a dental filling?

  • A dental filling is a conservative way to repair a tooth that has a cavity or some other form of small discrepancy.

  • Fillings can be either silver (Amalgam) or tooth colored (Composite Resin).  

  • If the filling is replacing more than 50% of the tooth structure a crown may be recommended.

What To Expect at Your Fillings Appointment:​

  1. A topical gel is placed to begin the numbing process

  2. Injection of local anesthetic​ to numb the tooth to be worked on

  3. The shade of the tooth is recorded so the filling will match perfectly

  4. The decay is then removed with a high speed hand-piece and bur

  5. The surfaces are cleaned with a material called etchant

  6. The adhesive is applied and cured with a blue light

  7. The filling material (composite resin) is placed into the space then light cured.

  8. The new filling is adjusted to fit with your exact bite and polished.


What to expect AFTER your fillings appointment:​

  • Some patients have cold sensitivity but for only a few days.

  • Some patients have soreness/tenderness at the injection site.

  • If sensitivity remains for one week or more contact our office.

Call or send us a message to schedule an appointment.

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