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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

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What To Expect During The  Whitening Procedure 

(1hr 15min)

  1. Pre-Op Photos to determine and record your initial shade (5min)

  2. Impressions for take home trays (5 min)

  3. ​In-office Whitening (30-45 min)

    • Clean and polish front surfaces of teeth to be bleached

    • A blockout material will be applied to the gums around the teeth, this helps to protect your tissues from the bleaching material.

    • Three or four 15-minute treatments with 38% hydrogen peroxide gel (Containing potassium nitrate which helps decrease sensitivity associated with bleaching)

  4. Post-Op photos to determine the new whiter shade (​5 min)


What to expect after your bleaching:

  • Patients use their home trays to achieve a whiter, longer lasting result.

  • At home whitening instructions will be provided at your in-office visit.

  • Some patients experience temperature sensitivity during and after whitening, this is common and can be reduced by using a sensitive toothpaste.

  • For more sensitive patients Venus Comfort Gel is available separately.

Venus White
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